Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Last saturday we didn't have class as we had our SWEET MMA event. Last Sunday I missed BJJ on account of I was barely functional from my massive hangover. Today (Wednesday) I missed BJJ as I had to work late. Tomorrow I have to drive to Detroit 2.5 hours away and then teach an all day training class and then come back, which will likely make me miss BJJ class. Friday should be good!!!!! Saturday my wife wants me to go to her hometown in Bay City (2.5 hours away) to go to her neices graduation party. If I get made to go, I will miss yet another class.

I want to quote one of my favorite singers:

"This loneliness, is killin' me; and I must admit, I still believe. When I'm not with you I lose my mind, hit me baby one more time"

Hopefully I can squeeze at least one extra class in somewhere that I expected to miss.

Things I need to fix:

-Better posture during standing guard pass
-Better position on knee on belly (foot all the way stuck on the body)
-Get my hips lower on full/half guard passes
-improve my butterfly guard
-work on some half guard/buttefly guard transitions to x-guard
-improve/expand my x-guard sweeps
-Better posture/control from top half guard
-improve/expand gi chokes from side control or knee on belly

I purchase way too much BJJ gear, and I'm going to start reviewing stuff. Coming soon will be reviews of Shoyroll's new gi's, Sprawl V-Flex fight shorts, and a bunch of OTM gear that I am going to get, as I am getting a OTM store basically in my gym =) Stay signed up to the Dutch Assassin blog for all the fun.

I have also decided to take a small break from tournaments to work on my game, rather then just prepare for tournaments. The next tournament I plan on attending is a Jorge Gurgel association in house tournament in Cincinnati in August.

That is all for now. Pray/meditate/chant/whatever you like to do that I am able to attend some classes this week so I don't have a nervous breakdown.


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