Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Class was hardC

I was very excited to get back into the swing of things after a weekend off due to family gigs. Class was fast and intense tonight. We started off with a light warm up and then paired up for live slow spot rolling. We were told to gradually pick up the pace until we were up to full speed.

We then jumped into technique. We drilled two moves from what we call the JG (Jorge Gurgel) guard, which is a spider guard with your foot laced under the shoulder instead of on the bicep. We worked an armbar and a sweep which I haven't seen before. I was a little squirrely with the sweep, and definitely need to drill it more, but it was very easy and effective.

We then did a ton of live rolling with different partners. I rolled with a couple blue belts and a couple white belts who are very close to blue belts. It was a good time, and I tried to work the many things I need help with (check out the last post).

For the last 25 minutes of class we did hard cardio. Sprints, bear crawls, pushups, more sprints, and more. This is a change as we usually do the hard cardio before class. It seems much harder this way.

I am sad as there will be no class this weekend. NCAA champion and runner up wrestler Brent Metcalf of the University of Iowa will be at our school doing a wrestling seminar. What is cool though is that Jorge Gurgel is fighting Friday night.

Check out this link for an interview of JG on his upcoming fight.

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