Monday, June 1, 2009

Naga Milwaukee Monday Morning Quarterback

This past weekend, me and a group of about 8 people went to the Naga tournament in Milwaukee. These are their stories (insert law and order DUM DUM here).

A bunch of people met at my house at 2pm and we headed on down to the tournament. MVT was taking a couple other people and was going to meet us there. They had a weigh in at the New Breed Academy, which is in Skokie, IL just northwest of Chicago. This was from 5pm-8pm Chicago time. We had a pretty uneventful ride to Skokie, although some of us were pretty dehydrated from trying to cut weight. We got to the New Breed Academy, which was in a old strip mall looking place and was quite small and narrow. We weighed in, and I made weight at 189.3 so it was all good. Two others in my group (King Luis and "Fear da" Abby) were over a little bit, so with a bunch of time to spare they decided to do some running and get a sweat going. They both made weight the second time around and enjoyed some of Nancy's home baking as a reward (+1 on the banana bread).

By this time, car #2 had arrived and the guys weighed in on target. I guess it was cool to have the option to weigh in Chicago, since so many guys were coming from there, but Big Dawg said right away that there were going to be problems. Well, as usual; the Crabfather was right. The next morning, they failed to send over "Crazy Eyes" Jeff's weight to the venue. They made him weigh in again, which was pretty ridiculous. He went from 4 pounds under the night before to just over weight, but they just gave it to him after a "I'm going to kill you with my crazy eyes" look. After the weigh in, we headed to Chili's in Skokie, IL for some professional eating. We had a really good waitress, and she got a $31 tip.

After gorging ourselves, we got lost in the parking lot; then regained our direction and made the 1+ hour hike up to Milwaukee. We arrived at the Clarion hotel and checked in. The place was pretty nice and very clean. We got to our rooms and settled in. A few of us went out to look for a convenience store for some snacks, and we found this hole in the wall place with two meth-heads working there. This was quite entertaining, and we learned that in Milwaukee you can't purchase alcohol after like 9pm. No big deal, but pretty weird nonetheless; especially when they were trying to sneak bottles of rum out of the building to sell to us. We got back and managed to get a little sleep. Jeff tried to spoon with me, and insisted on being the "little spoon".

We woke up, and Abby and Nancy were already pacing from the other room to our room, worried that they would miss their division. It was like 9am, and the adults weren't supposed to start until like noon, so we decided to be asses and tell them that Big Dawg talked to Kip (Naga president), and found out that they indeed did miss the division. They didn't find this NEARLY as funny as we did, and Abby inflicted bodily harm on several innocent bystanders. We ended up getting ourselves together, and ended up arriving at the venue around 11am.


Dannyboi said...

Congratz on your finishes!..i also competed in NAGA, but unfortunately lost my 2nd match by 2 pts..kinda sucked..still bummed about it...but i had fun and gained experience

Dutch Assassin said...

Thanks Dan. Congratulations on getting out there and competing! You're already way ahead of the curve, win or lose.