Friday, October 10, 2008

Sweep from full guard

This has been a rough week at work driving wise. I drove to Southfield and back Tuesday and Wednesday, and today I had to drive to Okemos and back. I'm not feeling 100% and have been tired during the day. I don't have time for a cold/flu, so I might as well just move on.

Class started out on a fabulous note as Charles got his purple belt after 9 years in the sport. His mind is pure BJJ genius and I am lucky to have him on my team.

We worked on a continuation of the sweep Clint taught us Saturday. From full guard get a cross grip on the gi sleeve. Drag this hand across your body extending your arm fully holding his arm there. Shift your hips and go up on your elbow towards the opponents back. Sit up and with your free hand grab the opponents collar around his head to threaten choke.

The game is to push into the opponent, going to take his back. He will likely push back into you, at which point your use his momentum to roll him over your body and end up in mount. You want to keep the original hand grip pinned the entire time. From here, you can work to finish the choke or easily switch to s-mount and work armbar.

I rolled with 3 whitebelts. I am continuing to to work half guard which is coming along tough. I need to "land" better once accepting the guard to be able to fight off the cross face.

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