Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Class

Today was a super fun class. We started out with killer Crampton cardio as always. We then drilled some of Robinho's stuff from the seminar. We practiced the side control arm pin and then the movement drill from one side of cross body to the other.

We finished the day with a "king of the mat" type drill. We had 5 people groups and each person got a turn going 4 consecutive 2 minute rounds with a fresh guy each time. It was fun as I got to roll with 2 awesome blue belts and 2 really awesome purple belts. It was a mental test as you are exhausted by the end, but must rely on technique to keep going.

I effed my knee up again on the last roll of the day. I iced it and it felt nominally better after, although sadly it feels like it will be an ongoing problem.

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