Friday, October 10, 2008

Competition Class

Today we started the first competition class. This was the brainchild of Clint, and is designed for people looking to compete. Clint is off this weekend due to Brian Litwin's wedding stuff, so Mr. Hyde took the reigns of the class.

Since the class is in it's infancy, it was fairly free form. We mostly did timed, scored competition style matches, but with NO submissions. Ryan re-read the official NAGA and IFBJJ (or whatever it's called) rules and did his best to translate them for the mostly whitebelt crowd. I'm pretty sure every0ne there picked something up from this.

I really liked doing matches this way. I think continuing this will make rolling at tournaments more "automatic" and reduce the stress of high expectations. I had 3-4 matches and did ok. I got to work half guard at least a little in all my matches. I didn't really hit any pretty sweeps, but got some scrambles out of it and did a good job using the guard offensively, leaving myself in no danger. I think I also need to clean up my guard passing a little bit before NAGA chicago. The cool thing about this class is that I can work different strategies against a variety of opponents.

At the end of class Ryan asked for feedback which was all positive. Everyone wants to do more of the same and maybe add "sub only" rolls, longer rolls, cardio, and a few other tweaks. Something I didn't think of is we could also do some no-gi which is much needed for me. I am very excited for the future of this class!

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