Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Class

Sunday class was very fun until the end today! We did some nice cardio, as usual. We then went over 3 guard passes borrowed from Robson Moura's Fusion set.

We then broke into groups and played king of the mat. We had a group of 4 where the winner stays in until someone submits them. Every minute a new, fresh opponent comes in, usually jumping on you in a compromising position (like right on your back or into an armbar.

I hit some nice Robson armbar escapes from this, and hit some x-guard and half guard sweeps. I got a few subs, but was the one in the middle being tired most of the time.

The very last roll I escaped from the guy having back control and landed on top of the guy who was in turtle. He stood up very quickly as I went down to cover him and the back of his head slammed into my mouth/nose area. I was bleeding a bit and think I may have been out for a second.

I think I need a new mouthguard! I lost my old one. I have a nice fat lip. Oh well. My knee felt pretty good...although I am doing my best to baby it.

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