Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today we learned the incredibly awesome hyde-oplata. Ryan taught today and taught this series by popular request. It is a movement he came up with by watching 2 instructionals simultaneously by Marcello Garcia and Robert Drysdale. Yes Ryan is a savant.

The movement can be done from bottom in either full or half guard. You use your bottom arm to puch his far leg away. You then push his head away from you to make space. You throw your top knee onto his back, making sure to squeeze your knees together to keep a tight position. From here you take your top leg and move it into a "rubber guard"/oma plata position right under the guys chin.

Once you acheive this, you can submit him by keylock or more likely he will roll over. You can aid this by putting both your knees on the ground. Let him roll and end up on top in a oma plata position. It is vital to control the elbow during this entire position. That is all you have to seperate your control from him being on your back.

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