Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I'm getting ready for the Arnold Classic. It's one of the biggest grappling tournaments in the country, held in Columbus, OH. Last year there were 1500 competitors. I've been training hard, and in retrospect have probably been over-training. I'm going to take it easy from here on out.

We leave friday and make the 5 hour trip to Columbus. We should have about 20 people total from our team and our college program at GVSU. I am entering the blue belt executive (30-39) gi division, and the advanced (>18 months) no-gi division at 180-200 lbs. I weighed 195 after a tough practice last night, so weight shouldn't be an issue for once.

My goals for this tournament are to have as much fun as possible, and use good jiu jitsu. I want to avoid stupid beginner mistakes, but be willing to open up and attack when appropriate. One of the most fun parts of a big tournament, is watching my teammates compete. Seeing them excel makes me more happy then any wins I can gather. I will be taking my trusty video camera, so videos will be taken. I think videos are a great tool to analyze your game.

I'm excited and can't wait!


Brendan said...

Hey Ben,

I won't be competing this year but I really want to make sure to catch your matches and jeff's. Good idea to deload the week before. You'll be real fresh this weekend.

Typically I do light scenario and gameplan rolling the week before and that's it.

See ya there.

Unknown said...

Say "hi" to Randy for me, Ben.