Friday, October 23, 2009

OTM Grappling Games

My knee is taking it's sweet time to recover. I started practicing last week, and I get through OK, but I have to be real careful not to put it in the wrong positions. I have a week and a half to make it better as the OTM World Grappling Games comes to Grand Rapids, MI. This is a gi tournament and will be my first since I effed up my knee at the Michigan Open.

I hope a ton of my teammates come out to compete, and a ton of other competitors as well. It's the day after thanksgiving, and there is another tournament in Chicago that day, but a good tournout would be huge for BJJ in the Great Lakes area.

I have been rolling a little crappy the last week or so since I've returned from 2+ weeks off for my knee. I'm sure I just have to get my timing back and my knee better, but my brain wants my body to do things that it just refuses to do. I have kind of slipped away from my good focused training, where I was working on specific things each practice. I made big gains when I did this, and need to get back to that state.

Anyways, I haven't been updating the ole' blog lately. I thank you for reading and keeping up with the Dutch Assassin. I will never quit! BJJ 4 life.


Brendan said...

tournament in chicago? do you mean the day after halloween?

Dutch Assassin said...

Combat-do has a small tournament the day after halloween (sunday nov 1st).

Brendan said...

yeah, i was planning on doing it, but last time i did their tournament, there wasn't a lot of people there. and now, as a blue belt, i bet i'll have even less competition.